Utility energy developments

In the Utility development segment, we opt for a long term lease for 20 years or even a freehold purchase of about 1 to 2 acres of land. On this land we set up a grid connection of 2 – 50 MW of energy storage or export generation developments. A typical project takes about 60 days to complete and get a connection cost from the national grid.

We then start discussing the cost of development of the power grid with a host of energy developers to secure the best returns for our customers. With the expert know how of our in house planning team, we take up projects and see it through the entire build till completion. We can set up utility development projects on 1 to 2 acres of land with a mind on a long term income.

As the leaders in the energy storage and gas generation market, we also offer solar, wind, biomass, battery and CHP for commercial properties in the UK. We can assist our customers to enter into the energy market and manage their own plant securing contracts offering a full asset management facility. We can also enable businesses to save money on energy bills. We help design bespoke energy solutions to reduce annual spend on energy. The best returns are on the Gas CHP systems that offer a payback in 4 years. When you opt for a PPA or a power purchase agreement, you can avail of energy at rates less than the market price. Most of these agreements are at a 20 to 25 per cent reduction on market approved rates.