Residential Energy

We also install PV solar panels in homes and offer solar battery storage solutions to store electricity from the solar power generated from the Sun’s rays. This lowers the carbon imprint and residential homes can make use of the cutting edge solar system solutions offered by us.

Solar batteries
Battery storage systems are a familiar piece of renewable technology and there are separate models of batteries that can be installed in homes. We install solar batteries that contain lithium-ion cells and are connected in a series or parallel. These solar batteries can store up to 14 kilowatt hours of electricity and is enough to power on lights and sockets in a four bedroom house for an entire day. This battery system can bridge the gap during times of peak generation and demand. A battery system can bridge the gap that arises between peak demand and peak generation. Solar batteries help maximise savings on utility bills and helps reduce bills more cost effectively. You become less dependent on thermal grid electricity networks and also rely less on suppliers. The installation of these batteries is fast and effective too.
Solar PV Panels
PV Solar panels help convert solar light from the sun directly into electricity. You can use this free energy and power domestic electrical equipment such as kitchen appliances and lighting. This is a hassle free method of powering your home. The panels which we set up generate electricity and also keep rising electricity costs at bay. These solar PV installations are flexible and versatile. They can be mounted on ground mounts and in all different kinds of roofs. The total energy that is generated form PV Solar panels can be measured with a total generation meter. We also follow the Feed in Tariff or the FIT scheme where he energy companies pay a premium on the electricity generated from the renewable power systems. The amount you pay will be dependent on when the solar system has been installed and the size and type of system. The tariff rate is already index linked and increases with inflation. This rate is tax free for individuals.