Commercial energy

We are a team of energy technicians and consultants that design and install bespoke energy systems for commercial customers. We offer a large variety of systems in solar and wind,Gas CHP systems, heat pumps and biomass boilers for our clients. We promise to deliver each project in the highest possible standard. We help supply energy installations to companies at competitive prices. These installations include solar batteries, gas CHP (that combines heat and power) along with Biomass, AD and Air source heat pumps.

If there is a dearth of capital then we can fund the build and offer the power purchase agreement wherein the customer buys energy from us at reduced prices. We help our customers save money on their energy bills. We help design bespoke energy solutions that help reduce annual spend. The best returns are with Gas CHP systems that give a possible payback in 4 years. If our clients opt for a Power Purchase Agreement with us, it always will be cheaper than the existing market rate! We can offer as much as 20 to 25 percent reduction in energy costs overall.

We also can arrange for a free system install and help customers cut down on future energy bills. Our mission is to offer exceptional service at affordable prices and work closely with our clients to remain competitive. With the commercial energy sector growing in the UK, we hope to be a cost effective partner of our clients.