About us

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the UK and are a company with a talented pool of energy storage design technicians. Our engineers are equipped to manage your renewable energy,energy storage and gas generation needs. Our extensive expertise in managing your energy needs is unmatched with a strong focus on delivering excellent customer service. We have worked on large scale renewable energy storage projects and offer quality service at affordable costs. We also lease land in the UK for the setting up of energy developments. We believe that the energy storage and gas generation business clearly needs ‘carbon neutral’ companies and we help them get the status.

Our team
Our team is headed by our Managing Director who has vast experience in the utility energy market and has built up a huge network within all of the UK DNO. The residential and commercial energy market is growing in leaps and bounds and we are at the forefront of offering services to different sectors. We help plan and develop the energy needs for your business and residence at affordable costs. With vast expertise our Managing Director has a background in the recycling industry and has designed some of the UK’s largest recycling plant and collection services. He has worked with large energy companies in the world. For now he has turned his attention to the national grid energy market. We have successfully acquired over 450MW of energy connections in the UK with a growing order book of around 500MW annually.
Our values
As a trusted energy provider, we have developed values and passion for creating a future where cleaner energy is answer to all environmental worries.
We have the commitment to deliver on affordable services. Our team is motivated and empowered with the trust reposed on us by our customers. We collaborate closely with our partners and clients to unleash opportunities and improve on ideas.
With the help of accountability and trust, we can make faster and quicker decisions in a fast moving energy market.